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Billionaires who lost it all and went broke

 Multi-million dollar yachts, mega-mansions for homes, private jets, fleets of cars and more, these men and women had it all and were worth billions. But a series of bad decisions, bad luck and other factors made them loose it all and in a spectacular fashion, these 0.001% became the 99%. According to Siddusai Karn, these are the billionaires who went bankrupt and lost it all. Patricia KlugePatri

He is convinced to be in charge while I run the show

Power is intoxicating to a man as romance is intoxicating to a woman...Continuing from where we dropped of last timeWhen you tell a man he is right you charge up his batteries. What you actually did was to give him power, remember men are intoxicated by power. so, when you tell him his right you have literally handed him power.  How do you take charge and let him run wild in imagination  When yo

Listening without Defensiveness

All behavior has a meaning; so defensiveness is a behavior which indicates a lack of sense of safety. Like it was said earlier that defensiveness is a behavior that indicates lack of sense of safety. When someone become unsafe, it could be prior to their learning of “unsafeness” in relationship; meaning they could have communicated with somebody who was verbally or physically aggressive or inv

He’s convinced to be in charge while I run the show

Power is intoxicating to a man as romance is intoxicating to a woman. To motivate a man to give, he must feel good when he gives. He wants to feel appreciated and revered. Ego is the reason men go to war. Ego is the reason they build large corporations. Same reason they stick needles in their butts at the gym before lifting heavy weights. It’s the same reason they beg, steal and borrow. And ego

Watch Apple's Event Live!

Watch Apple’s yearly event holding at 6:00PM today, we are expecting the California based tech giant to unveil the next generation of their products. Apple's iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3 will be the main devices at tonight's event.Enjoy the unveiling 

Facebook rolls out sleek next generation glasses with Ray Ban (All you need to know)

Tech gaint Facebook and iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban on Thursday launched their new smart glasses, the latest effort in a tricky, niche market but which the social media giant sees as a step toward its future. The “Ray-Ban Stories” shades can take pictures and video upon the wearer’s voice commands, and the frames can connect wirelessly to Facebook’s platform through an app."We took our Wa

Late Night Music industry rants

It’s actually easier to build a profitable Saas than blowing up as an artist, ask your fav music marketing firm leads, industry insider, PRs, no one knows the next Tems, if you like get everything right, you might not blow, I have seen close to 15M invested in a music project and e no blow, Drake gave one guy co-sign nobody remember him papa…now if you have a popping song 2/3 give or take of y

Referral programs are your missing puzzle piece.

PayPal used one to acquire 100m users.DropBox used it to grow 3900% in 15 months.Airbnb grew 900% YoY for 1st-time bookings.@elonmuskc says one customer should generate three.Use these 7 referral programs to grow 🧵 CoinbaseRefer a friend and when they purchase $100 in Crypto, you both get $10 in Bitcoin. Like most referral programs, it's two-sided. PayPalThe OG referral program. When PayPal w

FinRik Academy and Owlet collaborates in a partnership that will improve ease of doing business for entrepreneurs

Open source online marketplace for teaching and learning courses collaborations with fast growing online marketplace, Owlet to open up new opportunities for entrepreneurs to be able to teach more about there process on the Owlette platform weeks after exceeding 3million orders.With Owlet focused on expanding the frontiers of opportunities for business sellers, investment seekers and social media i

How to Build a Well-Balanced Crypto Portfolio (Part 2)

Concentrated vs. diversified crypto portfoliosMost advice will tell you that your crypto portfolio has to be diversified. While it is a standard for investors, there are pros and cons to spreading your capital around different assets. As we mentioned already, a diversified portfolio reduces overall risk and volatility. Losses can be offset by gains and keep your position stable. Your portfolio als

How to Build a Well-Balanced Crypto Portfolio

Balancing a crypto portfolio is not that different from balancing a traditional portfolio. You can easily reduce your overall risk according to your profile and investment strategy. All it takes to get started is simply diversifying your investments among different cryptocurrencies.The extent to which you diversify is up for debate, as there are pros and cons to both sides. However, it's generally

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Explained (Part 3)

This way, we’ll build up a long-term position while the downtrend runs its course. We’re not going to miss the train when the uptrend starts, and we have also mitigated some of the risks of buying in a downtrend.But keep in mind that this strategy can be risky – we’d be buying in a downtrend after all. For some investors, it could be better to wait until the end of the downtrend is confirm

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Explained (Part 2)

Dollar-cost averaging exampleLet’s look at this strategy through an example. Let’s say we’ve got a fixed dollar amount of $10,000, and we think it’s a reasonable bet to invest in Bitcoin. We think that the price will likely range in the current zone, and it’s a favorable place to accumulate and build a position using a DCA strategy.We could divide the $10,000 up into 100 chunks of $100.

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Explained (Part 1)

IntroductionActive trading can be stressful, time-consuming, and still yield poor results. However, there are other options out there. Like many investors, you might be looking for an investment strategy that is less demanding and time-consuming. Or just a more passive investment style. You have many choices in the Binance ecosystem, including staking, lending your assets in Binance Savings, joini

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